Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The God's have looked upon me favorably...

Now, I dont want to oversell this, but I came upon perhaps the GREATEST NEWS EVER recently. ZACHARY'S will be opening a San Ramon branch later this year! Now while it may not matter for most of you, guess who lives 7 minutes from where the new enclave of greatness will be opening.

For those of you that have had Zachary's, or live in Chicago and eat Deep Dish regularly, this is nothing short of a landmark event. Zacharys has stood pat with their two locations in Berkeley and Oakland forever. So for them one to open a new restaurant is just huge. But for the to open it within running distance (well not for me but someone who runs) is something I will be looking forward to until their doors open to provide me with Spinach & Mushroom pizza.


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