Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wednesday Sucked....

So Wednesday was just a crummy day all around. First, it rained throughout the day, which is always annoying, especially for California folks. The majority of people in this state lose all ability to drive once the first rain drop hits their windshield, and this was no exception. Its strange to me how a groups of people are totally functional and on point one minute, and 5 minutes later just completely lose their minds and become derelicts.

Second, we started our annual review cycle here at good ole KP, so who knows what that will yield as its just an unecessarily stressful time around here and the beginning of my busiest time of the year March - June.

Next, the Lakers got their asses handed to them by the lowly and cripple Pacers, 105-79. So that just set the evening off to a terruble (quoting Charles Barkley) mood.

Finally, while playing ball in my regular Wednesday night league. Played the first game and lost... not a big deal. Sat out the second and resumed play in the third. Started out ok hitting my first jumper, but a few series later, rolled my ankle all kinds of hard core! So I sat for a bit and like an idiot came back into the next game and was not only useless, but prolly aggravated it more. Anyway end to the story, its swollen, hurts A LOT, and prolly has me on the shelf for a week or two.



At 3:13 PM , Blogger terence said...

straight baller! nice that you're playin in a league. i played in one in VA and need to find one in the city now. looks like i might see you this weekend man. peace.

At 7:50 AM , Blogger sherni said...

You think rain is bad? Try driving with East Coasters when it starts snowing.

Glad to hear you still suck at basketball =)

At 1:23 PM , Blogger Navneet said...

I checked with the league dude, you're just a waterboy, you fell while fillin up the cooler..stop pretending to be a playa :)
I still accept u though.

At 6:15 AM , Blogger opinionatedinjerzee said...

Dont worry my wednesday sucked here in the easct coast too!But i would take rain over freakin 20 degree weather anyday!! Gotta keep telling myself we will get into the 50-60 degree weather soon!! But i know that is cold for people in cali.. My mom is in San Diego and she complains how cold it is when the temp hits 55! We breakout the shorts and T's!

At 4:58 AM , Blogger sherni said...

Wednesday sucked, Wednesday sucked ... I knew you weren't cool enough to be a blogger Kavi.


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