Monday, February 27, 2006

Random derelictions...

Wow, so been a long time since I wrote anything, so to resume a brief update of the past few weeks goes like this:

NOTHING HAPPENED.... except work. Alas, all that goes away now as we are entering the beginning stages of Sacramento Camp planning -- April 28-30 -- so that should be sweet. Its back to outdoors for April, so should be legit as overnight camps get the kiddies all riled-up and the weather should be awesome.

In addition the greatest time of the year is upon us..... MARCH MADDNESS BABY!! While its not like undergrad, where countless of us would gather in ont small dorm room around a 12inch TV and watch all the games, the love is totally still there. There is not a more exciting 2 weeks than during the tourney. Hopefully my boys CAL and UMICH will make the dance and advance a round or two.

CAL has been so inconsistent as of late with the lackadasical offensive scheme that Braun uses. I kinda hope we dont do well to end the year so he can get canned. Braun needs to be fired and new blood brought in to lead the Bears.

As for the Lakers, damnit, why do they suck one night and play great the next. Tragic really that they have these weak-sauce efforts some nights. Give it up for my boy Ronny Turiaf though. Rook played hard as nails against the Celts and hopefully Phil will give him some more PT as the season winds down. I think, god-willing he stays healthy, could be a great asset for the purple and yellow for years to come.

Ok well more intelligble things to follow later as I need to get back into the flow and this post is really being used for that purpose.


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