Sunday, January 22, 2006

Surat Sikh Conference -- post-game analysis

So first and foremost congrats and respect to the organizers of the Surat Sikh Conference. I think they did a commendable job of putting together a strong conference, were masterful in keeping to time with acitivites, presentations and workshops, and really created a great environment for our generation of Sikhs to get together and talk and reflect on their faith.

The theme of the conference was Seva -- or selfless service -- which is really a mandated part of a Sikhs day to day like and I would argue part of their destiny given to them by the Ten Nanaks. The speakers did a tremendous job in talking about their work and several were very inspiring to me. I must admit that I went in thinking what the hell would they tell me or cause me to think about, but I was blown away by the depth of passion and sheer tenacity they all had in their dedication to seva.

Additionally, there was a really great sangat at the conference. Now clearly I didnt get to meet everyone, but from those that I did interact with, they were pretty legit. The divaans were excellent as well with really great kirtan. While I missed the Sunday morning divaan, it was awesome to see some great young kirtanis some of whom I had known or known of and others who I didnt but were amazing nonetheless.

I also really had a great opportunity to meet some cool new peoples from allover the country (NY, FL, MD, TX, DC, and even freaking Canada), as well as see the old skool homies and connect back with them. Overall it was good except Sunday which was DAMN COLD! It snowed the night before -- so that was cool for the Cali folks who dont regularly see it. But, dude, whenyou go out in it, ITS COLD! What is up with that!?!?

All-in-all, it was a solid experience, that I would attend again next year, and hope to see this groups or organizers expand and continue their impressive work from this year to an even more impressive venture for 2007.


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