Thursday, January 26, 2006


Again, late in the game for this, but still have to chime in on just the historical greatness of this game that Kobe put together. 81 POINTS!! No I know the haters are saying "Kobe shoots to much" and "What a ball hog". To that I respond, GET A LIFE! If Tim Duncan, Jason Richardson, Vince "Half man-half amazing" Carter, or T-Mac -- or whoever your favorite player may be -- put up anything cloes to this you would be going NUTS. So shut up and just appreciate the level of play that Kobe has elevated his game too.

I have been critical as well this year of Kobe's shooting tendencies, read he shoot too much for one man to be shooting, but the 62 against Dallas and the nonsensical performance against Toronto are just something to marvel at.

While I don't agree with everything he writes always, Sccop Jackson wrote a great piece on Kobe and his recent dirtiness on the court, which I recommend for you to read.

Also, an awesome utility I just found was a spliced video of the game that just shows ALL 81 points Kobe scored.


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